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SNJÓR (snow in Islandic)

While for a long time, global warming has seemed a little abstract, its effects are becoming increasingly palpable to us all. I have spent the past three years despairing over the impossibility of being able to photograph a European winter!

In search of a snow-covered but peopled landscape, I ended up in Iceland, where, thanks to a "cold temperature anomaly" in the North Atlantic Ocean, the winter season in the past two years has actually resembled winter.

This country gave me the opportunity to get away from the great metropolises that I have spent so much time exploring, and to rediscover wide open spaces.

Iceland is less wild and untouched than it first appears—there are major highways, huge tunnels, villages, ports, churches, cities… and WiFi access everywhere.

I reveled in this ocean of white, seemingly so empty and yet so "inhabited." A precious world…

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Impression Artic rough paper 170g
Nombre de pages 70
Largeur 40
Hauteur 32
Poids 950g
Editions h'Artpon Editions / Christophe Jacrot
Année de sortie 2016