Photographer since 2006.


I came to photography nine years ago, in 2006, after completing training as a photojournalist. I accepted a commission for a guide book on Paris with the following brief: to produce images of sunny days in Paris. I can thank the horrendous weather in spring that year for giving me the idea of shooting Paris in the Rain, a series of photographs that, contrary to traditional tourist images of the City of Light, capture the city in adverse weather conditions. I was taken in by the challenge, and through this experience I developed a very particular relationship with “bad” weather, an almost symbiotic romance that led me to create a poetic visual world based on changes in weather conditions.

It is the dream-like aspect of climate that interests me, as well as its romantic-fictional dimension and its unpredictability—that which emanates, after all, from the implacable whims of the skies and offers us an infinite range of atmospheric moods: a typhoon in Hong Kong, torrential rain in Tokyo, a snow storm in New York, icy rain in Greenland, a cloudburst in Paris, the monsoon in India, snowscapes in Iceland, a blizzard in Normandy, in Bucharest, or Chicago…

I loved wandering through mega-cities as they grappled with weather phenomena, and capturing the harsh beauty of these “meteors” from the point of view of an observer of the fragile equilibrium of the world we live in.


Christophe Jacrot





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